I mean, that remix album was ICONIC.

Jennifer Lopez always gives 110%, so we’re not surprised that her performance was top notch. What was surprising was that Ja Rule made an appearance in the 10-minute mix-up, performing “I’m Real” and “Ain’t It Funny.”

Considering that she plowed through her entire catalog of hits, it was shocking that she kept the appearance under wraps, and made it a staple in her set.

Jennifer Lopez Performs 'Get On The Floor', 'Love Don't Cost A Thing' & More | 2018 VMAs

Jennifer Lopez performs 'Waiting For Tonight', 'Get On The Floor', 'Love Don't Cost A Thing', and more at the 2018 Video Music Awards in New York City.


DJ Khaled also came out to yell some things as a hype man, but that’s a little less iconic. (Insert Laughing Emoji Here)