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COVID-19 Cases Jump Overnight in Nevada: The number of COVID-19 deaths in Nevada rose overnight to 43 Saturday morning, according to the state Health and Human Services Department. 39 of those…
  • If you’re a parent, tennis star Serena Williams has some advice for you that was recently given to her… It’s okay to miss some baby milestones.
  • In an interview with the Today show, Williams said: “When I missed Olympia’s walking, I posted about it and so many parents wrote in and said, ‘Don’t worry about it, I missed it too.’
  • “I didn’t realize that it’s almost more normal to miss it than it is to make it,” she added. “So I really kind of rely on everyone’s help out there. It’s been so, so amazing.”
  • How many of your child’s milestones have you missed? Which one bothered you the most?