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Connie Breeze

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Every time I go on a cruise this is my biggest fear! 

A couple on a day excursion in Havana, Cuba was shocked when they returned to find their cruise ship had left without them. Kevin Rohrer and his girlfriend came back to resume their 4-day cruise on the Norwegian Sky. The schedule called for them to be back by 5:00 pm. The couple got back by 3:30 pm and the ship was gone. Rohrer said, “It was a frightening situation. We were devastated.”  Rohrer booked the vacation through a third party. That’s where the trouble began.  It turned out to be the couple’s fault. Norwegian Cruise Lines changed the itinerary and printed the new departure time in the daily newsletter distributed to each cabin. Passengers needed to be back by 1:30 pm. Norwegian also sent out the time change a month before the cruise started.