For the first time since they made their debut in 1866, the New England Confectionery Company (Necco) will not be selling Sweethearts Conversation Hearts.

Last July, Necco closed its doors and the SweetHearts brand was sold to Spangler Candy Company.  Since it typically took Necco 11 months to produce 8 billion candy hearts, there was not enough lead time for the new company to create the hearts and sell for this season.


But there are still plenty of ways to share your love with a significant other  this year. Sour Patch Kids debuted their own conversation hearts this year, and Brach’s version is still available in stores and online.

Additionally, Oreo revealed limited edition Valentine’s Day treats that have cute sayings printed on top, including “Dunk In Love”, “Let’s Twist”, “XOXO Oreo” and “Dear Cupid Send Oreo”; while Reese’s debuted their peanut butter cups packaged in emoji wrappers.