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Mr. Syd

Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

For hundreds of Las Vegas residents over the years, a favorite family outing was a trip to Bonnie Springs Ranch. Located at the foot of the Red Rock mountains, the ranch drew visitors from across the valley to enjoy horseback riding, the petting zoo and duck pond, and the daily re-creations of Old West gunfights. All of that came to an end on Sunday when Bonnie Springs welcomed its’ final visitors. Bonnie Springs was sold late last year to developers who plan to tear down most of the existing structures and build a parcel of luxury homes. The developers also say they will build a new restaurant, motel, and event center. Local residents who wanted Bonnie Springs to remain open managed to get over 55,000 signatures on a petition but the effort was to no avail.

"Mr. Syd" is a native of Detroit, MI. He's been with Beasley for five years and has shows on Saturday morning from 7am-10am and Sundays from 7am-12 noon.