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Just the presence of the beautiful and talented Charlize Theron was enough to make me go and see “Long Shot.” After seeing the trailers for the movie, I knew that it would be on my “gonna see that one” list. I didn’t come away disappointed, as a matter of fact, when the movie was over I said to my wife, “That was better than the Avengers.” While we were getting our after movie snack she said to me, “Honey, you’re right, that was better than the Avengers.” We totally enjoyed this romantic comedy also starring Seth Rogan as a political writer (Fred Flarsky) who gets hired as a speechwriter by the U.S Secretary of State (Charlotte Field) played by Charlize. Turns out that Fred and Charlotte know each other, they went to high school together and Charlotte, being a couple of years older, used to “babysit” Fred, who back then had a mad crush on her. Charlotte has decided to run for President and the rather nerdy but opinionated Fred gets caught up in the whirlwind of a presidential campaign. Fred and Charlotte have to spend a lot of time together because he’s now her speechwriter. Fred still has a crush on Charlotte and she slowly discovers her attraction to him, noting during a speech writing brainstorming session that, “he gets her.” Want to know more? Guys, take your of wife or girlfriend, ladies, ask your hubby or boyfriend to take you to see “Long Shot.”

"Mr. Syd" is a native of Detroit, MI. He's been with Beasley for five years and has shows on Saturday morning from 7am-10am and Sundays from 7am-12 noon.