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Rihanna just confirmed that we have all been pronouncing her name wrong.

The singer, makeup mogul and new luxury fashion designer recorded a video Thursday introducing herself at her Fenty popup shop in Paris, where she used the correct pronunciation of her name.

The video, recorded for British Vogue, sent fans into a meltdown.

“Hello British Vogue it’s (Ree-Aanna) and I want to welcome you to Paris where I’m launching Fenty Maison,” she said.

That’s right – every one of us pronouncing it as Ree-AH-NA are dead wrong.

It wasn’t’ the first time the singer has made the correction.

Back in 2012, she told Showbiz Tonight host AJ Hammer that her name was indeed pronounced “Ree-Aanna.” She has also been known to correct friends and fans on social media as well.

So, there you have it.