Nick B.

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By Nick B

While you watch the new Raiders Stadium here in Las Vegas continue to go up at a record pace many people wonder what they will call the stadium. We are one year away from playing football in the new stadium but will it be played in Raiders Stadium, Las Vegas Stadium or maybe The Vegas Coliseum?  Well the answer to this question appears to be none of the above.

Reports swirling this week suggest that the Raiders and Allegiant Air are close to a naming rights deal that would pay the Raiders in the vicinity of $20-$25 million per year for the rights. That seems to be a huge price tag for what is supposed to be a discount airline but it appears they see a huge upside to this potential transaction.

Now, if this deal is finalized it will be a sweet deal for the Raiders but my question to you is this, how do you feel about this potential name on our new stadium? I would love to know what you think the Stadium name should be or are you good with it being named after a corporate sponsor?

P.S.  I can’t wait to see this stadium completed and seeing NFL football being played here in Vegas.