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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 09: A general view inside the Central Perk Pop-Up Cafe at Hyde Park on October 9, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

A weekend celebration of the 25th anniversary of Friends comes to Las Vegas in October complete with a Lego replica of the Central Perk, the setting for so many episodes of the show.

Las Vegas had a pivotal role in Season Five of the show. The gang met up in Las Vegas to see Joey on the set of his movie. Monica and Chandler decided to get married, but found Ross and Rachel beat them to the alter.

Part of the experience coming to Las Vegas brings a 700-square-foot replica of Central Perk, the coffee shop from the show. The 900,000 Lego brick set is being built over four months, creating a life-sized re-creation from artist Nathan Sawaya that features everything from the iconic sofa to the latest menu board at New York-New York Oct. 18-19. The set includes fully functional couches and chairs. The signature orange couch took the longest time to build; the most challenging part of the process was replicating the patterns in the upholstery.

The experience includes the Fountains of Bellagio’s new show featuring the Friends theme song, “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts with exclusive photo opps with the Central Perk couch, which will be on site in front of the fountains. Phoebe’s Yellow Cab Escape Room at New York-New York offers the challenge of an escape room with the fun of a Friends trivia game in a fully operational taxicab parked on the Brooklyn Bridge. The Rembrandts will perform a live set at The Park with a set list that includes the iconic theme song and other Friends-related songs.

Fans can record a 3D version of themselves doing Chandler’s happy dance or their own favorite move, dropped into a miniature replica of Monica and Rachel’s apartment. A Friends-themed karaoke booth, Marcel sightings, a Blue Man Group version of the Central Perk couch on display at the Luxor, and more come with the weekend.