Mr. Syd

Sundays 7 am - 12 pm

Fans enjoy the "Life Is Beautiful" festival in downtown Las Vegas.

The “Life Is Beautiful” music and arts festival returns to Vegas and kicks off today and runs through Sunday downtown. The action takes place on Fremont Street, with the concert stages and vendor booths set up mostly east of Las Vegas Blvd in the Fremont entertainment district. Some of the many acts scheduled to perform include Chance the Rapper, Post Malone, Janelle Monae, Li’l Wayne, Toto, and many more. The “Life Is Beautiful” festival is an all ages, ticketed event and patrons must wear their wristbands in plain view. Tickets to the event are available on the Life is Beautiful website.

Born in New York City but also consider myself a native of Detroit. Attended college at Michigan State University. Started radio career in Detroit in 1980. Moved to Vegas in 1989. Worked 14 years at KCEP 88.1 before getting hired at Beasley with 105.7 in 2014.