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It’s free agency time in the NFL and players who are available are flying off the shelves already like toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

CBS Sports is grading teams on their free agency signings and so far they’re giving the Las Vegas Raiders a B+.

The Raiders went into free agency looking to bolster their defensive team and have made some additions (in principle of course, so far) in the name of linebackers Nick Kwiatkoski and Cory Littleton.

They’ve also added some big names to the offensive side of the ball as well. It’s reported as of this writing that (2015 first round draft pick and) former Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota as well as Dallas Cowboys veteran Jason Witten.

It’s always difficult to predict how veterans will perform year to year, since some of them (Witten as an example) have a little wear on their tread from having caught passes across the middle in the tough (former black & blue) NFC East. We’ll see how these two veterans fit in with the Raiders.

The new argument is that Mariota will back up Derek Carr. Carr’s deal expires after another year.

However, fans have a love/hate relationship with the signal caller and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the two battle for the starting spot this training camp.

That, despite the fact that Jon Gruden is on record having said, “I love what Derek Carr did in 2019. But, will he love him after Mariota arrives and puts on a Radiers uniform, or was that him hyping Carr because he had little choice.

The Raiders will be playing this season at the Darth Vader (menacing) looking Allegiant Stadium and will play a pretty hefty schedule, including Denver, Kansas City, L.A. Chargers (minus Steve Rivers), Bills, Dolphins, Saints (with Drew Brees who signed a new 2 year contract), Bucs (with their new QB Tom Brady) and the Colts (now with Steve Rivers).

So, after a disappointing 2019 campaign, ending the season at 7-9 and missing the post season, one can only hope that all the new pieces fit together nicely and we’ll have reason to go to the NEW Black Hole and cheer on our NEW pro football team! Go Raiders!