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Jammin’ 1057 is part of the Beasley family of radio stations. Here in Las Vegas, there are five properties in the building we have on South Durango.

Today when I came into the station, I stopped in our sales department (which is downstairs) and just stood there looking down one of the walkways. It was dark, deserted, and desolate.
A feeling of sadness came over me like a wave of emotion I hadn’t felt in quite some time. We were being shut down by something we can’t see, in some cases can’t feel, while in other instances don’t even realize we have or are suffering from since we may be a carrier and not have any symptoms whatsoever.

I love my job. I have a passion for it. Nearly every day of my life, I can’t wait to get to the station…and begin doing what I enjoy. But, lately, with all the doom and gloom we hear about in the news, press releases; the statements made by our political leaders, and the closures, job losses, and seeing our “strip” in the dark like a ghost town, it’s emotionally draining some days.

Then I took the elevator upstairs to come to my office and where the Jammin’ studios are. I had a LOT of work to do. Getting news updates on the air (for you), putting in audio that relates to the Corona Virus status, and meetings with management to discuss options. These are all things that need to be done. Our staff collectively have hundreds of years of experience in broadcasting. Many of us have gone through difficult times. Whether it was 1 October, 9-11, the real estate bust in the late 2000s, and more.

The one thing I began to think about after all those tremendous tragedies is this. As we’ve said on the air since this CORVID-19 began to spread across the country, “we’re all in this together.” Much like the other heartbreaking dates in our past, there is certainly one thing we all have in common. We will get through it. And when we get on the other side, this town will come roaring back!

Sometimes we take things for granted without even realizing it, like what a great city we live in. A state where thousands of people are flocking to for a multitude of reasons. No state taxes, great weather, plenty to do, lower cost of living than our friends to the west, and more.

So after having been trapped in our own homes like we were in timeout, the strip will come back to life. People will flock to Vegas. The Entertainment Capital of the World’s casinos will be re-energized, the neon will be lit again like a second sun, concerts will crank up the volume, conventions will pack hotels and tourists will jam Las Vegas Boulevard. We’ll be out in the sunshine grilling, hiking, canoeing, and playing sports, shop, and eat out. We’ll hug again, shake hands, appreciate being closer than six feet to someone else, our neighbors, friends, and families will come over on weekends to hang out in the backyard, we’ll dance, dine, party, and life will go on.

Let’s look with cautious optimism towards the future. We can prepare for the worst, but hope, pray, and await the inevitable…things getting back to normal again…and we’ll have done it together.