April 7 | The Jammin' 1057 Good News Network

There's too much negativity out! Here's our guy Paco Lopez with another edition of Jammin' Good News Network! Watch the rest of Jammin' Good News Network vid...

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The second richest man on the planet, Bill Gates, along with his foundation is building factories to develop 7 of the most promising COVID-19 virus vaccines. Even though there may only be one or two which will actually be used.

Gates said, “Because our foundation has such deep expertise in infectious diseases, we’ve thought about the epidemic, we did fund some things to be more prepared, like a vaccine effort,” He went on to say, “Our early money can accelerate things.”

Gates recognized that building multiple factories will likely “waste billions”…he believes that having the factories up and running and ready to produce the vaccines in the end will create an investment could save thousands of lives.

BTW, the richest man on earth is Jeff Bezos worth 17 BILLION more than Gates…Bezos made his money as the founder of Amazon…


The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) has been studying and researching the effects of music on humans for therapeutic purposes for years. Here’s what they’ve learned.

Their study was to learn what type of music releases sadness and what type of music creates happiness, and how long the body takes to react.

Neuroscientists at BAST believe that “Music psychologists have proven time and time again, that music can have an effect on our health. So with that in mind, wouldn’t it be great if we could prescribe music to help with certain mood states?”

That’s why they’ve developed, “Music as Medicine” and prescribe music for their patients to better control the emotions.

Over 7,500 people were involved in the study and nearly 90% of them said that music was an important part of their lives and essential to their health and well being.

13 minutes was found to be the time to listen to music and relax. Just another perfect reason to listen to Keith Sweat and the Sweat Hotel Sunday thru Thursday nights on Jammin’ 1057!

Their study showed that “test subjects reported positive benefits including decreased muscle tension, negative thoughts disappearing, feeling peaceful and contented and being able to sleep better.” – Let Keith tuck you in…

Listen to this…almost 80% had less muscle tension, nearly 85% had less negative thoughts, and over 80% got better and more restful sleep.

And when it comes to music for happiness, after listening to more uptempo music for as little as 9 minutes, almost 9 out of ten participants improved energy levels, 65% laughed more or felt more content, and over 80% felt able to take on anything or felt more in control of their lives.

Just more reasons to keep your radio or smart device locked on The All New Jammin’ 1057!


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kroger, which is one of the country’s largest grocery chain companies is rewarding their “front line” hourly workers with some “hero bonus pay”…

The grocer announced this week that they will be adding $2 per hour temporarily to their checks. Employees affected by the pay are frontline grocery, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmacy, and call center associates.

The employees working from March 29th to April 18th can expect to see the extra cash in their paychecks disbursed evenly on a weekly basis to allow them to have extra money during a very challenging time in our country.

Rodney McMullen, Kroger’s chairman and CEO said, “Our associates have displayed the true actions of a hero, working tirelessly on the frontlines to ensure everyone has access to affordable, fresh food and essentials during this national emergency,” He continued, “The Hero Bonus is just one more way we continue to convey our thanks and gratitude not only to our existing associates but also to the more than 30,000 new hires who have joined in the past two weeks and those who will soon join the Kroger Family of Companies.”

This is in addition to the fact that last month the company gave $300 as a one-time appreciation bonus to all full time employees and $150 to the part time associates.

You know…I’m a believer that you don’t just pull someone aside when they make a mistake…we all make mistakes, but it’s also important to pull employees aside when they do something well! Give them praise, and let them know they’re appreciated!

Kudos to Kroger!