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April 24 | The Jammin' 1057 Good News Network

Paco tells us about an amazing woman doing her part during the pandemic, the girls scouts of America helping others and a service that sends letters & art to...


Julia Frascona is a Wisconsin woman who’s been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 63 year old decided to do for others at a time of need. So, she began sewing together masks for those people who needed them.

Julia said, “Since I have to work from home now, I could structure my day anyway I want. There’s been such a demand for masks, I decided to get out my sewing machine and sew.”

When she’s done with a batch of masks, she takes them out into her front yard and hangs them on a wire rack on the lawn with a sign that says, “Free! Need A Mask? Hello Neighbors! Please take what you need. Stay well…”

The Girl Scouts of Orange County decided to do good for do-gooders. So, they created 120 self-care kits to show their gratitude for the front line health care workers who’ve demonstrated their selflessness during the COVID-19 crisis.

The young ladies went out and collected items for the health care heroes to pamper themselves after their long, hard, grueling hours helping save others’ lives. Some of those items are essential oils, home-made sleeping masks, bath bombs, energy drinks, protein bars, chocolate, life savers and of course what would a Girl Scouts Care Package be without their delicious world-famous cookies!

After the girls got together via Zoom meetings, they assembled the packages in their respective homes and organized to distribute them.

These young ladies coordinated their efforts with Lyft drivers to deliver the packages to local hospitals via an end-to-end contactless delivery system.

Marisol Mendoza’s kids are the kind of kids any mom would be proud of. The night before Easter her son and daughter, Astor and Sofia decided they wanted to do something nice for the people who lived in their neighborhood. So, they created 150 hand written notes to deliver to residents on Easter Sunday.

The card they had made the night before, were passed out by the two personally door to door. Simply because they wanted to bring some positivity to the world. Sofia finished her deliveries and said, “I just wanted people to smile and feel grateful.”

Though many adults may be having a hard time with quarantines, where they may feel like prisoners in their own homes, and difficulty staying positive…kids time seems to fly and before you know it it will be behind us and we’ll all be fire…Mom Marisol said.

A month ago Sahil Swali decided that he was going to reach out to senior living communities and send them letters and artwork since many of them weren’t allowed to have visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The high school junior in Clifton Park, New Jersey partnered with more than 30 facilities in the upstate New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut areas. He also created a key partnership with Saint Peter’s Health Partners. Together, they got the messages to the facilities, and the residents in them.

The residents in these communities are now getting hundreds of messages, and Sahil is hoping to add more facilities and writers to communicate with the seniors. If you want be a part of it and join the movement with Sahil’s labor of love, just click on the Write to Appreciate project website.


Write On Sahil!

And THAT’S your Good News You Can Use Today!

Now, Stay home, Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands, and STAY POSITIVE!