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Don’t get crazy, throw a party and invite 1,000 friends like these people did in Chicago… wow…just wow…but, anyway… according to the CDC…it looks like both worldwide and here in the United States, the COVID-19 daily numbers are now starting to flatten the curve, where they’ve apparently peaked and started to drop in the past week!

The CDC reports that the United States has now tested more people per 1,000 than any country in the world except for Italy.



In Canada a six year old boy, Callaghan McLaughlin is running a joke stand. With so many people depressed from not being able to do what they’ve done all their lives, many quarantined, many others not allowed to go certain places and do certain things, this young man decided he wanted to cheer up his neighborhood and opened what many would say is the world’s first joke stand.

Callaghan said he wanted to make sure that his neighbors and friends were ok during these stressful times. So, for the past week he’s set up his joke stand at home, at the end of his driveway.

His mom said that he’d been down because he enjoys interacting with others and hadn’t been able to do so. Now, when strangers walk by, drive by or just come over to visit, he hits them with a belly laugh!

He opens his joke stand daily at 10 am and works an hour crackin’ jokes for anyone coming through before taking his much deserved “12 minute lunch break,” which his mom admits is more like an hour and a half. His mom fixes him something to eat, and re-energize him to get back to making the neighborhood yuck it up.

Here’s a sample of Callaghan’s material. “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?”…what’s the answer? “Arrrrrr!”

By the way, Callahan’s working the crowd free of charge because he said, “I want people to save their money for other things, some people need money for groceries now instead of jokes.”



Much like Callaghan in Canada, research has shown that one way to deal with stress is through humor.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to deal with isolation, separation, and loneliness… which in turn has led in many cases to depression. Here’s one way to combat that!

Since many of us are quarantined in our own homes…it may be a good time to binge watch comedy movies, cartoon, go thru social media and read funny memes, or even watch standup comics…or…listen to our corny DJs here on Jammin’ 1057…trust me – we have plenty of jokes…we got jokes for days…and if you want to call…we’ll even tell them to you on the phone…702-369-1057…

Physicians have said that laughter lowers blood pressure, increases heart and brain health…releases endorphins and can even boost your immune system!

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (and NO this is NOT a joke)…has done medical studies with researchers across the country and found that simply anticipating humor can lead to a 39 percent reduction in stress levels…and workers are twice as productive after taking a “humor break”… Just ANOTHER reason to listen to us clowns at Jammin 1057! And laughter (besides yawning) is contagious. Neuroscientist Robert Provine has found that people are 30 times more likely to laugh if others around us are laughing. This makes it more difficult while being quarantined, but if we take his research to heart, we should seek ways to laugh during the COVID-19 quarantine.

So…here’s to laughter…coochie…coochie…coo!

And THAT’S your Good News You Can Use Today!

Now, Stay home, Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands, and STAY POSITIVE!