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Gig workers like Uber and Lyft drivers can now file for unemployment benefits.

Gig workers and independent contractors who’ve been waiting for weeks to be able to file for unemployment benefits under the CARES Act have reported mixed results since Nevada’s unemployment division rolled out it’s new portal for those workers to file last Saturday. Filers have reported that the phone number is consistently busy or that they’re put on hold for long times and then the line goes dead. Filers also say that the operators aren’t always able to answer questions and that some didn’t seem to know that the PUA or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance portal was up and running. Problems have also been reported with the website, Filers say the website crashes frequently, there are problems logging in, the website tells some users that they already have an account and are therefore unable to file a new claim, or the webpage times out while filers are trying to find the necessary documents and they have to start all over. A spokesperson for DETR says that despite the glitches, thousands of gig workers have successfully been able to file their claims and that some will start receiving payments by the end of this week.

Born in New York City but also consider myself a native of Detroit. Attended college at Michigan State University. Started radio career in Detroit in 1980. Moved to Vegas in 1989. Worked 14 years at KCEP 88.1 before getting hired at Beasley with 105.7 in 2014.