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Gov. Steve Sisolak made mask wearing mandatory in all indoor and outdoor public spaces. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

In a press briefing yesterday evening to address the coronavirus situation here in Nevada amidst rising numbers of cases over the last couple of weeks, Gov. Steve Sisolak made the wearing of face masks or coverings mandatory in most public settings. The directive takes effect at 11:59pm tonight. Gov. Sisolak’s directive applies in all indoor public spaces and also in outdoor spaces where people can congregate and where social distancing isn’t possible. Exceptions include those who have certain medical conditions that would make breathing with a mask difficult, and children under 10 years of age. You also of course don’t have to wear a mask when eating or drinking at a restaurant or bar, or when outside hiking, walking, running or swimming. He also said that any talk of Nevada moving into Phase Three of it’s reopening plan is tabled. As far as enforcement, Sisolak said he hopes mot to have police officers issuing citations, he would rather have people follow the directive. During the press briefing, Sisolak was asked about the PUA unemployment controversy where gig workers say their rightful benefits are being held up. Sisolak became testy at the questions and said that only “anecdotal” and “isolated” cases of claimants not getting their benefits exist. He also said that it takes 30 minutes to an hour to process each claim and that adjudication reps can only process 12 claims a day. A class action lawsuit against the state of Nevada was filed on Monday by Reno law firm Thierman/Buck and a judged ruled yesterday that the state must show cause why it hasn’t been paying benefits to gig workers by July 7. If the judge isn’t convinced by the state’s response, he can order that benefits be paid out immediately.

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