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Segway riders take a tour of Houston. Production of the Segway will be discontinued on July 15.. (Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images)

If you’ve never gotten a chance to ride a Segway, your window will now be closing. The China based Ninebot company, which acquired Segway in 2015, announced that it will halt production of the two wheeled personal transport vehicle on July 15. Segway has an American production facility in Bedford, New Hampshire and the 21 employees there will be laid off. The Segway made its’ debut on an episode of Good Morning America in December of 2001. It was invented by Dean Kamen, who thought it would be a good way to get people from place to place on short trips. The Segway never took off as expected though. It’s price proved to be a major sticking point. Starting at almost $5000 at its’ inception, a Segway can now cost anywhere from $6000 to $10,000, with batteries costing slightly more than $1000. The company could never get the price down and the Segway was used mostly by tour companies and police departments. A three wheeled version of the Segway is being discontinued as well.

Born in New York City but also consider myself a native of Detroit. Attended college at Michigan State University. Started radio career in Detroit in 1980. Moved to Vegas in 1989. Worked 14 years at KCEP 88.1 before getting hired at Beasley with 105.7 in 2014.