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Jammin’ 1057 wants to know who YOU think should be our Warrior Of the Week (W.O.W.)! There are a LOT of people who are working selflessly during COVID-19 to serve you and I on a daily basis. They’re front line workers who take the risk and NOT the credit they so deserve. Let us know who that person is!

You can nominate a family member, co-worker, neighbor, or just someone you know from your community who you believe has gone above and beyond during this pandemic and deserves to be recognized for their efforts. Please fill out the forms and give us your info and theirs and listen to see if your nominee is selected.

We’ll recognize them on-air and online and give them the credit they so deserve. While you’re at it…Please thank them for us too!”

* No prize of retail or monetary value is being awarded for being selected as a warrior/hero of the week.’
Example of some frontline workers: firefighter, educator, healthcare workers, small business leader, EMS worker, local & state police, grocery worker, farmer, nurse, city worker, restaurant worker, research scientist, maintenance worker, truck driver, or doctor.