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Hi, I’m Paco Lopez. I’m the program director at Jammin 1057 in las vegas. I also do the midday show. I’ve been in radio since 1978. except for 4-years, I spent in the U.S. Marine Corps its all I’ve ever done. I guess you could say I’m a “professional talker.”
But now, I feel silenced. In my lifetime, I can’t remember ever being speechless, until now. I’m sad at what I see in the world now. In all forms of media people hurting & killing one another for no reason. People treating each other with hate & disrespect. Fighting & putting up physical & emotional walls between us.
As a kid, my parents taught me to treat everyone, “the way you want to be treated.” If we all did that & treated everyone with love & respect & were kind to one another, the world would be a much better place.
I’ll admit that I don’t always agree with all my friends on everything. But, anyone who knows me will tell you I respect their opinions, consider their feelings, their beliefs & love who they are because of who they are. So, let’s unite, and let’s not fight. We’ll solve more issues working together, in peace, harmony & with love & respect.
I hope & pray every day that the Lord will bless our country, our people & the world. with love, kindness & understanding I’d like to start something. a new “challenge” right here & right now! I’m asking for you to please join me in the “spread our love” challenge reach out to at least three people you don’t talk to every day & just tell them “I love you.” Because right now, more than ever what we need in the world…is love.
Please spread this message. Let’s make it viral…& let’s spread the love…God Bless.

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