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Washoe County Judge Barry Breslow reached a decision in the class action lawsuit against DETR. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

It was a morning of mixed emotions for gig workers, self-employed, and independent contractors as Judge Barry Breslow rendered a decision in the class action lawsuit against DETR. After hearing from the Special Master he appointed to gather information from both sides, and from the lawyers for both sides, Judge Breslow ruled that gig workers whose work had to be suspended or reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic must be paid within five days. The CARES Act states that gig workers who experienced a reduction in hours or had to suspend operations due to the pandemic do qualify for PUA benefits. DETR had been denying claimants with reduced hours, only paying those who had totally suspended operations. The judge also ruled that any claimants who had been getting paid but for whatever reason had their payments suspended by DETR must have their payments resumed within five days. Finally, the judge ruled that over the next 10 days, he wants DETR to pay particular attention to filers who are stuck in the “no man’s land” between regular UI and PUA, and to those claimants who filed between May 16 and May 23, the so called “first filers” who have seen no resolution of their claims as of yet. The judge set another hearing date of next Thursday, July 30 for DETR to report on what progress has been made. The Special Master, attorney Jason Guinasso, was tasked with continuing to monitor DETR’s efforts. The judge was on the cusp of also ordering DETR to pay the $600 in weekly PUA extra benefits to the claimants stuck in limbo between UI and PUA but held off. All in all, more positive than negative in the judge’s decision.

Born in New York City but also consider myself a native of Detroit. Attended college at Michigan State University. Started radio career in Detroit in 1980. Moved to Vegas in 1989. Worked 14 years at KCEP 88.1 before getting hired at Beasley with 105.7 in 2014.