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Paco Vs Thump

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1st there’s the Thumpin Battles, then the Verzuz Battles and now its our version of Versus! Paco Lopez Vs. Dj Thump. Paco thinks his voice is sexier than mines. Paco also thinks he can sing better than me well… you be the judge. Vote on The Jammin’ Versus between Dj Thump and Paco Lopez.

So, DJ Thump challenged me to a Verzuz. Even though I’ve done a slow jam show like Keith Sweat’s Sweat Hotel, he says his voice is sexier than mine. He says he can sing better than me. I disagree on both! So, I’ve accepted his challenge. I also bet him that the loser would have to wash the winner’s car. So, let’s settle this. Bring it on DJ Thump…in THIS “Thumpin’ Battle” YOU sir, are going to get THUMPED!