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The NFL is currently considering moving the 2024 Super Bowl to Las Vegas.

Yesterday the league had a virtual meeting to discuss some upcoming events, namely the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl. It appears that the owner have decided to move the New Orleans Super Bowl from 2024 to 2025 and with the opening in the schedule, it may have created an opportunity for the biggest game of the year to be moved to Las Vegas for 2024. This would be a logical choice since The Valley was supposed to be the location for the 2025 Super Bowl anyway.

Though there wasn’t a replacement city actually named for the game, it appears that with the new 17 game schedule to begin, it would create conflict with the game vs Mardi Gras. THAT is something the city of New Orleans does not want to deal with.

Since the NFL Draft will be held in Vegas in 2022, it looks like we’re in store for quite a bit of action in the next few years with the league. This along with the fact that we’ll be hosting the Pro Bowl at the end of next season. Additionally, the ONLY reason it will NOT be held here at the end of THIS season is due to the pandemic that has affected the entire globe. Since the game is an international event, the decision was made to postpone it until the end of the 2021 season.

It’s hopeful that we will be returning to a “normal” (whatever that will mean moving forward) format where the NFL Draft will not be a virtual event and the league can get back to their operations as they were pre-Covid. This would include the league’s “All Star” game at Allegiant Stadium prior to the 2022 Super Bowl game.

Since the NCAA Tournament has been announced to take place here in The Valley in 2023, the sports future looks bright for Vegas. [sidebar: I’m already hearing rumblings of an us getting the NEXT expansion franchise in MLS as well as an NBA team to move here. This makes perfect sense. Remember, we have the NBA Summer league games here already.]

Steve Hill, CEO/president of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, said…“The announcements today that the destination will host the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl, and that nine events were awarded to Las Vegas by the NCAA beginning with the 2022-23 academic year solidifies our evolution into the Sports Capital of the World,” he continued, “We believe sports will be an important part of the destination’s economic recovery and continuing growth, and we can’t wait to welcome these athletes and fans for an experience they’ll only find in Las Vegas.”

Cue the cheerleaders!