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Covid has made a LOT of people in the U.S. reconsider much of what we do. How we interact, what we do, where we go and much of our lives’ activities.

The all new Jammin 1057 has posted some events you could check out if you’re going to celebrate Halloween, or as we call it Jam-a-ween here!

However, nearly half of Americans are saying that they will not participate in many of this year’s festivities.

So, what will YOU be doing this year? Will you still buy those mega-bags of candy big enough to feed a small city? Or are you going to take a hard pass on passing out the “treats”…???

Apartment Guide magazine did a survey and found that nearly half (exactly 46%) of people asked will not be handing out sweets this year. While less than one-third (only 30%) say that they will continue to pass out candy to Trick-Or-Treaters as they have in the past. Another (less than) a quarter (24%) say that they will just leave a bowl outside of their front door for sweet seekers to “help themselves” based on the honor system (and we all know how THAT will work…it’ll probably last maybe through the first set of kids to step to the door) to get themselves some candy without any personal interaction with homeowners.

The CDC has recommended that an option to taking (or sending) our kids door to door to get their treats is to treat them to a candy scavenger hunt or hosting a virtual costume party. Their belief is that these options would reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Sadly, part of the fun when I became an adult was seeing the costumes and hearing the kids in unison sometimes yell, “TRICK OR TREAT”…

I guess those (good ole days) are over with.

Thanks Covid!