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Black History Month

Ethel Waters (1896 – 1977) was an American singer and actress.

Waters first entered the entertainment business in the 1920s as a blues singer, but she made history for her work in television. In addition to becoming the first African American to star in her own TV show in 1939, The Ethel Waters Show, she was nominated for her first Emmy in 1962.

Stormy Weather - Ethel Waters (1933)

"Stormy Weather" was written by Harold Arlen (1905-1986) and Ted Koehler (1894-1973), in 1933. It was first sang by Ethel Waters (1896-1977) at a club, and t...


Ethel Waters - Jeepers Creepers 1938 Cafe Society

Bluebird B-10025-B Ethel was the first to record this song.Jeepers CreepersMusic written byHarry WarrenLyrics written byJohnny MercerFirst recording Studio R...