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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could be extending the national eviction moratorium that expires at the end of March.

The CDC submitted a proposal to the Office of Management and Budget for review.

Housing experts believe it will likely ask for an extension to the eviction moratorium.

At Vegas Valley Evictions, operating manager Andrea Richards said she has gotten plenty of phone calls from landlords who are looking to evict tenants as soon as the eviction moratorium expires.

“A lot of phone calls. Hundred and hundreds of phone calls a day regarding options and questions about whether the moratorium gets extended or not,” said Richards.

Landlord Marina Vantskous said she has not been paid rent on one of her properties for more than a year.

“In rent, I lost $19,600 as of today,” said Vantskous.

Landlords can challenge the CDC declaration but they need hard evidence of wrongdoing.

“If the landlord has any proof that it’s fraudulent, and it’s not correct information coming from the tenant, then they can challenge the eligibility,” said Richards.

She said if the eviction moratorium is not extended, tenants might be able stay in their landlord’s good graces by communicating their intentions.

Richards said a lack of communication between landlord and tenant is a constant source of frustration for many landlords.

If the moratorium is not extended, Richards said landlords will look to get paid back all of the rent money they are owed, or at least a portion of it.

Renters and landlords are encouraged to work out a payment plan.

Richards said some landlords are forgiving payment if the tenant agrees to peacefully evict the property. A spokesperson for the CDC says no decision to extend the eviction moratorium has been made yet.