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Patrons enjoy a bong at a cannabis lounge in Canada. The Nevada State Assembly has voted to license and regulate cannabis consumption lounges with the state Senate set to take a final vote. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

The Nevada State Assembly voted 29-12 on Thursday to approve cannabis consumption lounges. The bill, Assembly Bill 341, now heads to the state Senate for a final vote, which should take place before the current legislative session ends on May 31. If the Senate approves the bill, cannabis consumption lounges would be regulated by the state and the state could collect licensing fees. If legislation isn’t enacted, local governments could give the ok to and license cannabis lounges themselves starting on July 1. Proponents of the bill say that since recreational marijuana is now legal in the state, buyers need somewhere to enjoy their product since it is illegal to consume it anywhere but inside of a private residence. The bill provides for two types of lounges. One would be a lounge attached to a dispensary. The other would be an independent lounge which could sell single use marijuana products for consumption on site. Neither type of lounge would be allowed to serve alcohol.


In an update to this story, the state Senate did vote to approve the bill so we will see consumption lounges soon in the valley.

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