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Greg Spin

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee is back this summer and a Las Vegas area 13-year-old has qualified.

Sriya Wint, of African American decent from Nasri Academy for gifted children is the best speller in Nevada. She earned that title studying up to three hours a day.

“She learned how to read early… how to spell early… spell words backwards just for amusement,” Dr. Dylan Wint, Sriya’s dad, said.

Getting Sriya prepped for the bee is a family affair. She has to be ready for any word in the dictionary, so mom, dad and grandma are all quizzing her.

“My parents are doctors,” Sriya said. “Names of medicines, I try to spell them if they don’t sound like real words.”

Sriya is a well-rounded teen. For fun, she loves to sing, play piano…and spell insanely hard words.

“This is one of the most amazing students ever met in my life,” founder of Nasri Academy Bita Nasri said.

The first rounds of the spelling bee begin next week. The finals will be held in Orlando in July.