Ketel One Botanical, Don Julio 70 and Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker Celebrate Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’ on June 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Doja Cat released her third studio album today, Planet Her. With that, she unveiled a new music video with The Weeknd on the song “You Right.”

The video begins with an aerial tour through what seems to be heaven. The pearly gates say “DOJA” across and opens to continue flying through to greet an awaiting Doja. She is dressed as a Libra, or in Greek mythology, Themis, the Goddess of Justice. Her hair is molded into Libra’s astrological sign as she stands in front of a giant gilded scale. On one side is a giant beating heart, while the other looks to be an assortment of glass bottles.

Doja Cat dives more into the horoscope realm, holding moving video tarot cards. As she walks through the courtyard and gazes skyward, we see The Weeknd’s face within the cosmos.

As Doja is embraced by a lover, The Weeknd is getting busy in the heavens pouring water directly onto her place. This symbolism represents The Weeknd’s zodiac sign, Aquarius as his birthday is February 16.

The “Kiss Me More Singer” lays in bed with her man, but The Weeknd’s quite literally raining on her parade, as his water-bearing is leaking through Doja’s ceiling. Featured lyrics include, “And you’re right/ You right, I got my guy/ But I, I can’t help it, I want you/ Said, you right, I got my guy/ But I, I can’t help it, I want you.”

Watch the video for “You Right” below (NSFW* contains strong language):

Fans have long-awaited the album, voicing their praises on social media:

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