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CCSD is dealing with a shortage of school bus drivers and parents are reporting long waits for buses, some up to three hours. (Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

School has been back in for three weeks now and the CCSD is experiencing a myriad of issues including Covid out breaks, fights on school campuses, and the very vexing issue of hours long waits for school buses.

The district is experiencing a severe shortage of school bus drivers. A spokesperson for the district says they are short at least 240 drivers. Parents are reporting long waits for buses both going to school and coming from school. Some parents have reported waits of up to three hours.

Some school officials are encouraging parents to pick their kids up after school, saying that this is anticipated to be a daily issue.

CCSD has dealt with driver shortages before but this year is especially bad. For their part, drivers say they are basically overworked and underpaid. Hourly starting pay for a driver is $15.30. Many drivers are calling off work because they don’t want to be exposed to Covid.

If you’re interested in a position as a school bus driver, go to


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