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If you're not vaccinated and lose your job because of it, you may not be eligible for unemployment benefits, according to legal experts.

The question of whether or not to get vaccinated just got a little bit more interesting.  As companies move to mandate that their employees are vaccinated some people are still refusing to get the vaccine.

While employees can’t force their employees to get vaccinated, they can, basically, make it a condition of employment.  No vaccine, no job.

Some people are questioning whether or not this is legal.  According to some legal experts, companies are within their rights to fire someone for refusing to get the vaccination.  And questions have arisen about whether or not someone fired for refusing to vax-up is eligible for unemployment benefits.

It could all come down to insubordination, particularly if an employer is basing their decision on trying to keep other employees and customers safe from possible infection of COVID-19.

The question is, is it reasonable for a company to expect its employees be vaccinated during a pandemic?

And as the pandemic continues, many people think it is.