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Thump vs Picazzo in Raw Egg Roulette

Every year in Vegas, people try to find that edge to help them pick the winning team at the local sportsbooks. While many people find ways to root for teams they had no interest in just two months ago, during the playoffs we all adopt a new team to make it interesting.

Cool stories like Joe Burrow having not lost a playoff game since the high school state championship in double overtime add to the excitement. While most of the world sees the Big Game as Cincinnati‘s Joe Burrow vs L.A.‘s Matt Stafford, we at Jammin’ 105.7 relied on our Big Game Performers, reppin’ L.A., DJ Thump and reppin’ the Queen City of Cincinnati, Picazzo to battle it out on video. The result is about 3 minutes of stress as they play “Raw Egg Roulette” to predict the Big Game winner! It started with smack talk and ended up with smacking eggs to their forehead. All the excitement took place on the battlefield…better known as the Jammin’ Showroom!

The Rules?  Each player had 6 eggs dyed in their respective team’s color. Five are hard-boiled…and ONE is RAW! Blue for LA, Orange for Cincinnati. Referee Yasmine tossed the coin to determine who went first until the LOSING TEAM hit the raw egg. Childish? Yes. A scientific way to determine the Big Game Champion? Possibly. Hysterical to see our Jammin’ dudes with egg on their face? ABSOLUTELY!

Check out the video and see who is the winner and who is the loser.  Just to let you know, no DJs, listeners, or furniture was harmed in the making of this video. Either way…the Jammin’ “Raw Egg Roulette” is definitely going to leave you shelled with yolk on someone’s face!