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American jazz-funk bassist and singer Michael Henderson, 1977. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Sadly there have been many occasions over the years where an iconic music or entertainment figure passes away with little or no recognition.

Last week we lost the co-founder and lead singer of the Delfonics, William Hart and not a whole lot of tribute was given.

Yesterday, (Wednesday, July 20) it was announced that R & B singer Michael Henderson had passed away at the age of 71. He had been admitted to Emory Hospital in Atlanta earlier this month for an undisclosed illness.

Henderson was the singer of one of the most iconic Valentine’s Day songs ever, “Valentine Love.” Henderson was also revered for the hit “You Are My Starship” as well as “In The Night Time” and “Take Me, I’m Yours.” Born in Mississippi but raised in Detroit, Henderson was also an accomplished songwriter and bassist and played early in his career with Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder. He played bass on many of the Dramatics hit records. He also worked and toured with Aretha Franklin and the Chi-Lites among others.

So next Valentine’s Day when you hear “Valentine Love” think of and remember Mr. Michael Henderson.

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