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Seven Tattoo Studio  announced that they will offer a pre-designed free tattoo to those who bring $50 worth of school supplies. The event will be held on Sunday, July 24 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The shop says if you’re unable to attend the event but still wish to donate, supplies can be dropped off at anytime prior to the event during business hours.

All donations will be for underprivileged students and teachers, the studio says.

If you know of a student, family, teacher or school in need, you can nominate them at

Seven Tattoo Studio is located at 5850 Polaris Avenue, Suite 1200.

Seven Tattoo Studio says that those must be 18 and over in order to get a free tattoo. The donated school supplies can be for any grade level. Those planning to attend must bring a receipt for their supplies.

It’s not so much about getting a free tattoo. We all know students learn more when they are properly prepared. Many cases of students lacking success in their classrooms have to do with students level of preparedness. Having something as simple as writing utensils and paper are things that can determine the progress and achievement of the student. School supplies impact the success of the student in ways that most people fail to recognize. In fact, many students are never truly prepared for the day because they come to class lacking supplies, thus leading to a difficult time learning. With school supplies in hand, you can be sure that your student will excel because they will be engaged in whatever they are studying. Knowing that they have what they need provides kids with the confidence to keep progressing and learning because they are on par with their peers. Without these essentials, the student is likely to feel overwhelmed or unequipped, which can bring down their drive and confidence. So, having these supplies really shows them that they are in control and that this is their educational experience, allowing them to make the most out of it.

I like to call this “A Tatt with a Purpose”

Contact the studio for more information: