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Stolen Red Bull energy drinks led to the highspeed pursuit and arrest of two suspects in Las Vegas.

It all started back on July 13 at a Smart & Final store on Charleston Boulevard. Store employees told police that a man and a woman attempted to steal 20 cases of Red Bull reporting the man said he had a gun and warned them not to approach. The workers let the couple go then contacted police.

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The following day, July 14, police reported a heavy-set Black man had a cart full of Red Bull, a Dell laptop, and a security camera in his shopping cart at Costco on Decatur Boulevard. A loss prevention officer reported that the man tried to exit the store through a fire exit without paying.

When the officer attempted to stop the man, the suspect struck him in the face with his elbow instigating a physical fight. A female driver pulled up and the male suspect got into the vehicle threating the officer he would shoot him leaving the merchandise behind. The officer was however able to get photos of the suspects and their vehicle.

A third incident occurred on July 20 when a woman entered a Costco store on Martin L. King Boulevard and loaded up her shopping cart with cases of Red Bull. Employees stated the woman attempted to leave the store without paying pushing past a worker who tried to confront her. Reportedly, a man pulled up in a vehicle and started loading up the energy drinks into the car.

As they loaded up the vehicle, a worker tried to stop the theft but was pepper-sprayed in the face. A Costco manager notified police and reported the suspects had also stolen Red Bull the week prior in the same manner only with their roles reversed with the female suspect being the driver and the male with the cart. It is estimated that the couple stole about $2,500 worth of the energy drinks.

The following morning, an LVMPD officer spotted a vehicle and its occupants matching the description and attempted to pull them over however, the car sped off leading the officer on a highspeed chase reaching over 100 miles per hour.

The suspects were arrested and identified as Eugene Davis and Angela Sharp. Officers found nearly 200 unopened cans of Red Bull in their car.

Sharp reportedly admitted to police that she participated in the theft the day before and wanted to apologize to the store worker. According to police, Sharp cited a Red Bull addiction as the reason for the incident.

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