What a great birthday surprise for a 9-year-old, die-hard Las Vegas Raiders fan over the weekend.

Imagine being able to enjoy watching your favorite players during their pre-season practice in Henderson. Then, one of your heroes, wide receiver Davante Adams, sees you up in the stands holding up a sign and flips you a football! Imagine how special you would feel.

Well this actually happened to a 9-year-old girl from Utah who attended the Raiders training camp over the weekend. Benny Putnam was there with her father Dusty Putnam. She was holding a sign, letting the players know it was her birthday. Davante Adams saw her and tossed a ball up to her. She missed it, and so did her dad, but one of the other fans in attendance made sure she received the ball.

Benny would feel even more special when the Las Vegas Raiders stepped up and sent her an autographed football from another one of her favorite players, quarterback Derek Carr. She also received an autographed photo of Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. But wait, there’s more!

Benny and her dad will be attending the Raiders’ first pre-season home game of the season on Sunday, Aug. 14 at Allegiant Stadium, courtesy of the team! Now that’s what I call a very special birthday surprise.

Here’s the complete story as first reported by Channel 13 KTNV Action News in Las Vegas.

This encounter quite evidently gained traction on social media, with many people sending words of support and encouragement to the family. And this is why we simply love the Raiders in this town.

The Raiders, like many NFL teams, have programs that are geared toward youth development and outreach. The Raiders Foundation hosts programs such as youth football, flag football and other classes that focus on skill and character development, according to their website.

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Getting Ready For Another Raider Nation Season

It’s that time again… RAAAIDERRR NATION STAND UP! I love football season and everything that comes with it.  If you don’t have season tickets, It’s ok! Have fun tailgating. My friends and I pack the truck with lots of goodies to eat like steaks, brats, burgers, chicken, hot dogs and my delicious homemade chili, as well as plenty of adult beverages like beer, wine, tequila. and my favorite, peanut butter whiskey!

I usually bring my DJ equipment to make the tailgate party official. People come from everywhere to join our party. Raider fans and even our competitor fans.

Everything’s fun about tailgating:  hanging with your friends, cooking outdoors and rooting for your favorite team. Some fans even go all-out with their tailgating and start planning months ahead of time. The only thing that might not be fun about the day-long adventure is packing—but there’s a fix for that.

Planning ahead and organizing your tailgating necessities makes packing your car much faster. You’ll get to the tailgate with less stress and have more fun while you’re there because you’ll be less likely to forget a key item.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is create a tailgating center in your garage or storage area. Rearrange your contents to leave an empty area for storing all the gear that goes with you to a game. As you put away your gear, stow it in containers that are easily packed right into the car, such as plastic tubs with snap on lids or sturdy tote bags. Not having to hunt all over the house for something you need is a big timesaver.

Once you’ve got your gear in place, stay organized by creating a tailgating packing list. Compile a checklist of all the things you need to pack and post it where you’ve stored all the goods. Refer to it as you load the car and you’ll greatly reduce your chances of leaving something behind.


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    Dj Thump With Raider Fan

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    DJ Thump Raiders End-Zone

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