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The Las Vegas Raiders have made a lot of changes throughout the organization this offseason, hiring a new head coach, general manager and team president. One person left over from the Jon Gruden era was former star quarterback Randall Cunningham well…not any longer.

Cunningham, who was hired in 2020, has resigned from his position as team chaplain. With so many new faces calling the shots in Las Vegas, the Raiders were going to be run differently, and Cunningham said he felt it it was time to move on. Cunningham was the Eagles’ second-round pick, and the first quarterback selected in the 1985 NFL Draft.

After retiring from football, Cunningham returned to UNLV to finish his college degree in Leisure Studies. Cunningham has also been active in the Gospel music community since his retirement from the NFL by opening a recording studio and producing Christian worship music. Cunningham, a born again Christian, became an ordained Protestant minister and founded a church called Remnant Ministries in Las Vegas in 2004.

In 2020, Cunningham became the team chaplain for the Las Vegas Raiders, replacing former team chaplain and former Oakland Raider running back Napoleon Kaufman, who stayed in Oakland when the team moved to Las Vegas.

Cunningham, who went to four Pro Bowls and was runner-up in MVP voting twice, earned respect around the NFL. He said he believed that it was important for players to have someone like him around — and not just for religious reasons.

“The players really need someone who is going to be like a brother, a father figure. Someone they can lean on and talk to outside of the organization, and that’s what we had in Minnesota,” Cunningham told Chris Tomasson. Most teams have a chaplain, even if they are not technically employed by the teams, according to a 2017 story by Fox Sports.


Getting Ready For Another Raider Nation Season

It’s that time again… RAAAIDERRR NATION STAND UP! I love football season and everything that comes with it.  If you don’t have season tickets, It’s ok! Have fun tailgating. My friends and I pack the truck with lots of goodies to eat like steaks, brats, burgers, chicken, hot dogs and my delicious homemade chili, as well as plenty of adult beverages like beer, wine, tequila. and my favorite, peanut butter whiskey!

I usually bring my DJ equipment to make the tailgate party official. People come from everywhere to join our party. Raider fans and even our competitor fans.

Everything’s fun about tailgating:  hanging with your friends, cooking outdoors and rooting for your favorite team. Some fans even go all-out with their tailgating and start planning months ahead of time. The only thing that might not be fun about the day-long adventure is packing—but there’s a fix for that.

Planning ahead and organizing your tailgating necessities makes packing your car much faster. You’ll get to the tailgate with less stress and have more fun while you’re there because you’ll be less likely to forget a key item.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is create a tailgating center in your garage or storage area. Rearrange your contents to leave an empty area for storing all the gear that goes with you to a game. As you put away your gear, stow it in containers that are easily packed right into the car, such as plastic tubs with snap on lids or sturdy tote bags. Not having to hunt all over the house for something you need is a big timesaver.

Once you’ve got your gear in place, stay organized by creating a tailgating packing list. Compile a checklist of all the things you need to pack and post it where you’ve stored all the goods. Refer to it as you load the car and you’ll greatly reduce your chances of leaving something behind.


  • DJ Thump With Raider Fan

    Dj Thump With Raider Fan

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    DJ Thump Raiders End-Zone

  • Raiders Win

    Raiders Win

  • DJ Thump with Raider Fan

    DJ Thump with Raider Fan

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    DJ Thump and Raider Grinch

  • Eating Good At The Game

    Eating Good at the tailgate

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    DJ Thump and Another Amazing Fan