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We all know how inconvenient the DMV could be, I mean lets face it, I’d rather watch paint dry than spend an entire day trying to renew my license.  Two weeks after the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles switched to an appointment only model and moved to eliminate walk in services, Deputy Director Tonya Laney says the agency has seen more “happy” customers than in the past. There has been a huge decrease in use of online services. the majority of services that could have been done online instead have been done in person leading to long waits for customers with appointments.

Nevadans who utilize the DMV’s six valley offices should know that, Monday through Friday, “only customers with an appointment will be served.”

There are some circumstances where walk-ins will be accepted at the DMV’s six locations.

  • Vehicle movement permits
  • License plate drop offs
  • Drivers license reinstatements
  • Past due debts
  • Kiosk transactions
  • Vehicle inspections

On Saturday, walk-in services will remain the same. Saturdays, each metro DMV office will accept walk-ins until it reaches capacity, at which point those without an appointment can expect to be turned away.

DMV customers also do not have to wait for a renewal notice to make an appointment. Registrations can be reupped 35 days prior to their expiration date, and driver’s licenses can be renewed a full six months before they expire.


Gabrielle Williams a DMV official in Henderson told me “the future of the DMV is online.” The agency is in the midst of a four year, $114 million “transformation effort” that will gradually expand online services and fundamentally change the way it does business. New services are expected to be unveiled gradually over the next few years.

The DMV is running two Field Services training academies for about 35 new employees, but hiring and training new staffers will take time. Anyone interested in a DMV position can submit a resume  through the DMV’s website