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A major change is coming to how Sin City handles one of its biggest indulgences. Nevada has legal marijuana consumption and the city of Las Vegas has a number of dispensaries including some located just off the famed Las Vegas Strip.

As a tourist, however, you can visit Planet 13 , MedMen, or another dispensary near the Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International, and other major resorts on the Strip and make a purchase, but you can’t legally smoke cannabis in your hotel room.

In fact, it’s only legal to consume your legal marijuana in a private residence which isn’t all that useful for tourists. Basically, this has led to people smoking and vaping legally purchased marijuana in parking lots and on the Las Vegas Strip.

That’s technically a crime, although it’s one the police generally won’t enforce. It’s, however, a problem as the Las Vegas Strip’s big casino operators probably don’t want the city to smell of pot and the dispensaries would prefer to not be leading their customers into committing a crime.

To solve the problem, Las Vegas will soon be home to legal cannabis consumption lounges which may begin opening up before the end of the year, as long as the licensing process proceeds as expected this fall with the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board.  The lounges will either be located within an existing adult use dispensary or in new independent lounges that will sell cannabis and cannabis products.

Casinos and hotels would be wise to welcome consumption lounges, as they will give tourists a legal place to smoke and consume cannabis. Under the current laws and regulations, casino and hotel patrons already have to go off site to partake since using cannabis in public spaces is not allowed. Providing legal, safe, and inviting lounges for tourists to smoke and consume cannabis could increase overall tourism to Las Vegas, which in the long run would benefit the casinos.