There are a bunch of amazing suites in Las Vegas, but the sweetest suites are at Palms Casino Resort. Suites so outlandish and one-of-a-kind that you dream of one day getting a chance to stay there.

Well if you saved your money wisely, hit a jackpot on a slot or bought Bitcoin a decade ago, do we have the staycation for you! Palms Casino Resort is unleashing the “Epic Experience Suite Package” on the world! Which suite you ask? Why choose.

YouTube star Mr. Beast took his crew (and 102.7 VGS artist Yung Gravy) along for the experience in a recent video and to say it is “extra” is an understatement.

What will the package get you?

  • 10,000 square foot “Hardwood Suite” for the basketball lovers with a court to ball on.
  • Kingpin Suite” for your inner Lebowski to bowl the night away, featuring a two lane bowling alley.
  • Damien HirstEmpathy SuiteSky Villa that not only has millions of dollars of beautiful artwork, but also a private infinity pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.
  • A $10,000 dinner for 10 at Scotch 80 Prime.

It’s not a choice of one of the rooms. It’s all of the rooms. Everything. Almost 20,000 square feet, 12 big beds, pool tables, butler service, the works.

The bowling alley alone is sick. A big screen to watch sports while you bowl on your own private lanes. The bar is giant… but not as big as the “adult size” bunk beds. Four of them in total and that’s on top of the master bedroom. We are thinking the winner of bowling gets the master.

The whole shabang will run you $150,000 a night, but if you can get 9 friends together it’s only $15,000 a night! That’s not too bad, especially if you have rich, drippy friends. Hey, you only live once so why not live in the most epic way possible, right?