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After a big win at home against the Houston Texans, it appeared the Raiders had life. At 2-4, they certainly had work to do but it appeared they had found their identity.  Josh Jacobs was unstoppable with the ball in his hands while Derek Carr and the receivers were complimenting him perfectly.

With a top five offense in the league, they would head to New Orleans to face a struggling Saints team. Missing many starters on both offense and defense, this had all the makings of another game to help the Raiders claw their way back up the win column.

In an AFC that has been up and down all season long, the Raiders could use this soft spot in their schedule to finally do some damage, and the expectation was they would certainly be able to take care of the Saints. New Orleans was without stars like Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, and Marshon Lattimore, so the stage was set for their second straight victory.

However, the game quickly turned into anything but for the Silver and Black. Fans expect QB’s to be perfect, every throw and every decision. That isn’t how the NFL works. Because this defense is so bad for so long. A Qb for the Raiders has to be perfect to have a chance to win. The weapons need to make plays and if they don’t make plays, the team isn’t going to win. Aaron Rodgers had 74 yards passing through 48 minutes on Sunday night. Joe Burrows was down 25-0 going into the 4th quarter. Tom Brady has lost three straight losing to the Steelers and Panthers in back to back weeks. the offense scored 1 TD over 150 minutes in three games. Did these guys forget how to play football? No. they have issues on the team, just like the Raiders. Fans think switching the QB or firing the coach it will change, It won’t change. It can get worse. We competed against the Titans, Chiefs, and Chargers. We had some tough breaks and did it against good football teams. We laid an egg against the Saints. Saints have a very good defense, we got outcoached and outplayed on both sides of the ball. It happens to teams that aren’t very good. We are an average football team that fans thought were Super Bowl contenders. fans think we are super bowl contenders every year. This team will not be contenders until they fix the defense. The defense has to create turnovers, bottom line. We are dead last in the NFL in creating turnovers. Until that changes this team will not win, it doesn’t matter who the QB is.