Police charged a mother and other family members for locking an 18-year-old girl in a North Las Vegas bedroom for about one year, according to Fox 5.

The 18-year-old girl‘s situation was brought to light after police were called to the home on Alexander Road and Fifth Street in North Las Vegas, according to KBLR Telemundo’s Las Vegas affiliate.

Police charged Addy Gonzales, the girl’s mother; Maria Pasarin, identified as the girl’s grandmother; and Daniel Omezcua, whose relationship with the girl is unclear, with alleged abuse and alleged false imprisonment, according to KLAS Channel 8.

According to Telemundo, the 18-year-old girl went to a neighbor’s backyard and asked for food and water before trying to go back upstairs to her “room.” The article further states that the young girl described her horrifying living conditions to the neighbor, saying her door had a deadbolt lock instead of a doorknob. She was also given food once a day when her mother would return home from work, the article said.

This scenario is truly reflective of a horror movie. Along with this, Channel 8 reports the Department of Child Protective Services had eight reports about the family that had allegations involving abuse and neglect. However, there was “not enough cooperation or evidence to pursue.”

Multiple articles outlined the conditions of the room, which are shocking, to say the least. The room contained a box frame and a bed frame. A bucket was filled with urine and fecal matter with a roll of toilet paper nearby, according to Telemundo and Fox 5.  Access to food and water was also limited, according to multiple reports about the incident.

According to Fox 5, the woman told police that “she felt like a prisoner.” A 13-year-old boy also lived in the house at the time. Gonzales, Pasarin and Omezcua are expected to appear in court on Nov. 21.