Get ready, Las Vegas: the Pokémon GO tour is coming to town!

Running from Feb. 18 to 19 of next year, players will have the opportunity to meet friends, make memories and explore the area — all while encountering rare Pokémon!

This is an in-person event taking place in Sunset Park. Whether you just want to have fun and meet new people or you mean serious business, this is the event for you.

In 2021, the tour celebrated the Kanto region. This year, it was all about the Johto region. But next year? It’s the Hoenn region’s time to shine — and Vegas has the privilege of hosting this grand event.

We know that half of this must be flying over some people’s heads, but really, trust us! It’ll be a good time. Even if you know nothing about Pokémon or Pokémon GO, it’s an opportunity to do something a little bit out of your comfort zone and possibly develop a new hobby. Who knows? You might even enjoy yourself.

If you ARE a fan, though, boy, have we got a treat in store for you! Immerse yourself in the Pokémon world. Secret codes. special storylines and the opportunity the catch Shiny Pokémons (for those not well-versed in the universe; rare and a big deal). Choose between Ruby and Sapphire badges and go on a ride you won’t forget.

Maybe you’re just tagging along with a friend or a family member? We’ve been there, we get it. Sunset Park is still a gorgeous place and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your time. We so encourage you to try it, though. At the very least, it won’t be boring.

The best part? There’s a discount going on RIGHT. NOW. Tickets are $25 until Dec. 31! Hurry up and grab them because they go up to $30 soon.

For more information on everything available, click HERE.