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Iron Mike Tyson is being accused of rape once again. But the accuser says it happened in the early 1990’s.

A woman who says Hall of Fame boxer Mike Tyson raped her in the early 1990s is suing him under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, according to a lawsuit filed in the state earlier this month.

The 56-year-old Tyson was previously convicted of rape in February 1992 in Indianapolis. He was sentenced to six years in prison and was released on parole after three years.

The plaintiff in the civil suit, who is seeking $5 million in damages, stated in a signed affidavit that Mike Tyson invited her into a limousine in Albany, N.Y., under the pretext of bringing her to a party. Once in a limousine, she says Tyson began to kiss her, ignored her plead to stop, pulled her pants off and “violently raped” her.

The woman said in her affidavit that because of the incident, she “experienced feelings of guilt, loss of self respect, shame, embarrassment, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, violent tendencies, drug and alcohol addiction and confusion.” Additionally, the woman has “been unable to maintain and/or develop healthy relationships with men or anyone in general” and has “experienced extreme emotional suffering including but not limited to nightmares, panic attacks and flashbacks.”

I have to ask the question, “Why did she wait over 3 decades to file a law suite? According to “Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted, however, not everyone who is assaulted tells someone be it a friend, family member, or the police. And oftentimes, if they do disclose their experience, it may be days, weeks, months, or even years later.”

Currently Mike Tyson who’s a part-time resident in Las Vegas, and  Recently, following the legalization of marijuana in California in 2016, the former boxer set up Tyson Ranch, a company selling marijuana grown on his plantation. According to Cheat SheetTyson earns as much as $500,000 dollars per month from the company.

If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual assault, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or at

What's Next For Derek Carr?

There will be a new quarterback in Las Vegas next season. Derek Carr has “moved on” as his brother David keeps saying. The Raiders were clearly ready to move on when they benched him and dismissed him with two games left.

That leaves the two big questions being who will be the Raiders quarterback next season and where will Derek Carr land? Well, one things for certain the Raiders can’t trade him before $40.4 million in injury guarantees flip to full guarantees. Any informal deal to trade him on the first day of the league year in March would be completely unenforceable. The new team could back out, leaving the Raiders holding a $40.4 million bag.

Also, Carr has a no trade clause. However, it’s not as important in quarterback deals, no team will trade for a quarterback who doesn’t want to join that team especially not with a $40 million obligation from the moment the trade happens.

So, yes, the Raiders quite possibly will have to cut Carr. Either way, he’ll have a new team in 2023. When he does, where will it be? and who will replace him? According to Brady is already being connected to the Raiders. Brady is set to reach unrestricted free agency at the conclusion of the current campaign. Brady is likelier to play elsewhere in 2023 than he is to retire or re-sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 7-8 Buccaneers are leading the NFC South, but neither Brady nor general manager Jason Licht appears interested in continuing their marriage beyond this season.

Another option would be Jimmy Garoppolo. Garollolo’s reworked contract ensures he’ll become an unrestricted free agent and he isn’t expected back in San Francisco for the 2023 season. Garoppolo checks some of the same boxes Brady does for the Raiders.

So back to my 1st question, Where would Carr go?


  • Commanders

    Washington Commanders

    They’re perpetually looking for solutions at quarterback, and former Raiders coach Jack Del Rio is on the staff there (at least for now) as defensive coordinator.

  • New York Jets

    New York Jets Fan

     Mike White is due to be a free agent, and Zach Wilson is reportedly done. Carr could be an upgrade over the other options.

  • Los Angeles Rams

    Coach Sean McVay

    Yes, the Rams. Matthew Stafford won a Super Bowl last year. But he’ll be 35 in February. And it’s an old 35. He’s had more than a few injuries, and we possibly only know about some of them. He also has $57 million in compensation that becomes fully guaranteed in March 2023. Given the cap hit from last year’s extension, however, the Rams may have no choice but to bite the bullet on their second consecutive regrettable quarterback contract.

  • Dolphins

    Miami Dolphins Logo

     What will they do about Tua Tagovailoa, who is entering the final year of his contract? A decision is due on his fifth-year optioning May 2023. A bigger decision could be made about whether to keep a quarterback who has become a perpetual risk for his next concussion.

  • Nowhere, Retirement Is Certainly An Option

    Derek Carr

    Carr may retire, if he meant the things he has said in the past about only playing for the Raiders. Most recently, Carr said this when signing his latest contract: “I’ve only wanted to be a Raider. And I told my agent, I said ‘I’m either going to be a Raider or I’m going to be playing golf, like I don’t want to be playing anywhere else.’ That’s how much this place means to me.”

    He may feel differently now that “this place” has let him know there’s no place there for him. If he changes his position on only ever playing for the Raiders, he will have options.