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The true origin of ‘Single Awareness Day‘ may depend on which story you believe. Many credit journalist  Dustin Barnes who states he came up with the idea as a high school student in 2001 along with his fellow single friends as a lighthearted way to celebrate their single status.

However, ‘Single’s Day‘ has been a holiday in China celebrated by unmarried people since 1993 as a sort-of an anti-Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of exactly how it came to be, February 15 is officially ‘Single Awareness Day‘ and I’m ready to celebrate.

Four Single Guys

Many of the same things you would consider doing for your partner if you were in relationship should be the very same things you should treat yourself to.

For example, after work you could pamper yourself with a relaxing massage and/or spa treatment from any number of Las Vegas‘ wellness locations such as  Z-One Spa or Red Rock Spa and Salon.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, nothing feels better than putting on new clothes. Why not take yourself shopping for something new to wear out tonight? Las Vegas has some of the best options for clothing no matter what your budget.

You’ll find a bit of everything at either one of the Las Vegas Premium Outlets.

If you want something a bit more upscale then make a trip over to Fashion Show Mall or if money is no object, head over to The Shops at Crystals.

Now that you’re dressed to kill it’s time to mingle with other singles. Las Vegas has countless nightclubs but have you ever tried having a real conversation in one? What tonight calls for is an intimate lounge/bar where we can not only enjoy our own company but be accessible to meeting new people.

You won’t find many locals hanging out in the bars on The Strip so if you’re open to meeting other single Nevadans, pull up a bar stool at one of these local hangouts: The BAR offers multiple locations throughout Las Vegas providing a variety of neighborhoods their own local hangout.

Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge in the Town Square Shopping Center provides a mix of both locals and visitors and offers a patio perfect for people-watching.

Now if you are going to indulge in some Happy Hour libations by yourself, make good decisions and don’t drink & drive. With that said, here’s wishing my fellow ‘singles’ a happy ‘Single Awareness Day‘. Enjoy!

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