A Las Vegas resident by the nickname “Hood Barbie” was going viral after a news interview gained traction on social media.

Fox 5 (KVVU-TV) interviewed Taleh Fire, who lives in Downtown Las Vegas. The actual story behind the growing viral interview is quite serious. Due to an issue of people stealing copper wiring, the Ridge on Charleston Apartments has been left without power multiple times.

The reporter, Kim Passoth, interviewed Fire for the story, which is arguably the most attention-grabbing part of the entire TV package. 

On Instagram, the video opens up with Fire saying, “My name is Taleh Fire, the one and only AKA Hood Barbie.”

Fire tells their story with emotion, and there’s no doubt that these re-occurring power outages are frustrating for the residents who live in the complex.

But despite the light-nature opening of the video, the actual issue is a serious one that’s been plaguing the buildings of Las Vegas, especially in the Downtown area, for a long time.

Fire said in the interview that they’ve had to throw away food and resort to going to their friends house due to the power outages.

“And y’all charging over $1,000 for a studio. Y’all need to take money off my rent next month,” Fire says in the interview.

On social media, the interview has gained some polarizing comments with many people asking why the TV station aired/posted the interview.

In the social media comments, the Fox 5 account said, “To anyone who is confused or questioning why we did this “news” interview. It’s simple: We believe that everyone deserves to have their story heard. That’s exactly what we did with this specific interview and will always do.

Our reporter, Kim Passoth, went to the apartment complex to speak to any and all residents who have been impacted by the continuous power outages.

Taleh Fire was the only resident who would talk to us. We shared Taleh’s struggles just as we would have anyone else who would have agreed to speak with us.”

Despite the opinions of the interview, Fire’s sentiments and issue is a legitimate one.

During the hot summer month of June, the same apartment complex lost power due to another incident of copper theft, which Fox 5 also reported on.

Copper wires being deveined from their structures, which ultimately leads to power outages, has been a consistent problem in Clark County for years, according to this report by Channel 3.

Well, we hope Taleh has their power back!