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The Las Vegas Raiders are still looking for a new QB, but that’s not going to solve some of the other issues the silver and black are having.

The Raiders are in need of a defensive overhaul if they ever want to see another playoff or a Superbowl appearance.

According to ” The offense has not been perfect. But if you are looking for the main culprit for why the Raiders find themselves tied for the worst record in the NFL, the defense deserves more than its share of the blame.”

With the NFL Scouting Combine taking place, the Las Vegas Raiders are putting much of its focus on the draft. However, NFL free agency starts up soon on March 15. The team can solve many of its issues prior to the draft.

One of the biggest positions of need for the Raiders is linebacker. Divine Deablo is the only veteran linebacker under contract with 2022 undrafted free signings Luke Masterson and Darien Butler also signed to the team. All three of those linebackers are 25 or under so the Raiders may want to bring in an older veteran to bring some experience to the group.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David has been one of the best players at the position for years. With Tom Brady retiring, the Buccaneers might be looking to rebuild, which would mean moving on from the 33-year-old linebacker. Arjun Menon and Brad Spielberger of (Pro Football Focus) are predicting the Raiders to sign David in free agency:

There is a massive need to get a leader in the middle of this defense, and there might not be a better player to do so than David, who has been the epitome of consistency for the Buccaneers’ defense.

More importantly, if you are looking at ways the Raiders can get their season back on track and put themselves in position to make a playoff run, getting the defense to play better football is priority number one.

Next QB For The Raiders; Who Will It Be?

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Raiders will have a new Week 1 starting QB. Derek Carr has officially been released and the Raiders are searching for their next franchise passer.

The expectation for the last several weeks has been that the Raiders want to bring in a veteran quarterback, but the options seem to be dwindling. The most attractive option is Aaron Rodgers, but it’s not yet known if he wants to play in 2023 and the Raiders would still need to trade for him this offseason, even if he decides to return.

As we get further into the offseason, it seems more likely that the Silver and Black could draft their 2023 Week 1 starter. But is that still the most likely outcome?

According to, “they predicted every team’s starting quarterback for the 2023 season. For the Raiders, it wasn’t a veteran passer as most people expect. Instead, it was Will Levis from Kentucky.

Levis does feel like a great fit for the Raiders as he has the size and arm talent to take the offense to the next level. He still needs to show that he can improve his accuracy, but the physical traits and the physical toughness are certainly there.

Expect the Raiders to show a ton of interest in Levis over the next few months as he very well could be their Week 1 starter in 2023.

I have come up with my own predictions on who should be the  next play caller for the Raiders. You may or may not agree with my choices, but after all, This is my post and my predictions.  feel free to agree or disagree. I love a friendly debate, especially if it’s about my Las Vegas Raiders.

I have created a list  of Quarterbacks I feel would make a positive difference in the franchise.

  • 5 Mac Jones

    Mac Jones

    Mac Jones and Josh McDaniels have a recent history together as Josh was the Patriot’s offensive play-caller in the 2021 season. Mac excelled under McDaniels’ system and made the pro bowl in his rookie year.

    Without Josh McDaniels, Jones struggled to improve in year two and the Patriots’ passing game looked terrible at times. The Patriots will look around and kick the tires on other QBs to try to improve going forward. Mac Jones might not be the flashiest move the Raiders could make, but it wouldn’t be a bad one.

  • 4 Will Levis

    Bryce Young

    Young is the consensus best overall QB in the 2023 Draft class coming out of Alabama. It would cost a lot for the Raiders to end up with Bryce Young. If the Raiders were willing to trade multiple first-round picks, they could move up six spots to the number one overall pick and select him.

  • 3 CJ Stroud

    CJ Stroud

    Stroud is either on the same level as Bryce Young or just a hair behind him. Stroud is the clear best Ohio State quarterback in recent memory, as many talented names come to mind when you think of Ohio State prospects.

  • 2 Jarrett Stidham

    Jarrett Stidham

    With Carr being benched the final two games of the season, Jarrett Stidham filled in at QB and left a lot of fans puzzled. Jarrett was able to help the Raiders force overtime against the San Francisco 49ers in a game he played exceptionally well in.

  • 1 Jimmy Garoppolo

    Jimmy Garoppolo

    With Garoppolo and Josh McDaniels having spent time together in New England, it’s a real possibility that the Raiders are interested in the veteran quarterback. Is Jimmy Garoppolo an improvement over Derek Carr? Absolutely,  Carr was expected to put the Raiders on the hook for 40 million next season, and if the Raiders can bring someone in that’s better in talent for a fraction of the cost, why not?