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Paco Lopez

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For years, my wife and I have gone out on the weekends to “explore.” After getting to Vegas, she asked me, “what’s Las Vegas like?” I told her, it’s a different kind of beautiful.

You see, her and I do day trips on the weekend; within a few hours to get out of the house and see things we wouldn’t normally see, do things we wouldn’t normally do, and spend time out in nature.

When I moved to Las Vegas, everyone asked me about the casinos, The Strip, the shows…and it made me think about The Valley. It was then, that I began to realize
that there is so much more to Las Vegas than just “The Strip.”

I decided that since my wife and I go out almost every single weekend, that I would take you with us and share our experiences, show you some places that you may want to go, and give you our highlights to give you ideas of things that you could do.

Let’s start off this series, which I’ll call “Paco’s Places,” with our trip this past weekend to Death Valley, California.

It’s a very desolate two hour (or so) drive there. I would suggest you top off the tank before leaving, because gas there is well over $4 in some places.

We took 95 North, to 373 South (which become CA-127), to 190 West.

Along the way, right at the 373 junctions, we stumbled across the Area 51 Alien Center. That in itself was a hoot. As you can see, the “convenience store” was full of every alien imaginable. From stuffed dolls, to (nearly) life-size mannequins posed on benches, standing, on posters, banners and spread out throughout the store. There was even an “Alien Fortune Teller.”

In the back of the store was a little restaurant. The food was fine, but, surprisingly, there was a brothel attached. We were told that the ladies would be happy to give you a tour. They would play pool with you, talk to you, and give you the rundown of services offered if you were interested. You’d go into the facility, ring the bell, the girls would come out, you could pick which one you’d like to give you a tour, and then you could tip them afterward. No need to “book a party”…as they say. We didn’t.

On we went to Death Valley. The vistas were amazing. I know the pictures are beautiful, however, they DO NOT do the actual scenery justice.

We drove by the lowest point below sea level in the country, Badwater Basin, drove through Artist Pallet, and took in the sights of what were some of the most beautiful mountains I’ve seen.
Spending the day there is easy, since there are so many areas to go, hike, climb and see.

Enjoy the photos I’d like to share with you…and if you get a free day to go, do.

Happy and Safe travels…