DJ Thump gets a colonic.

I am a morning show host who has to be strong for others and health is very important to me. I want to share a little something with you that is a little scary but a way of life. And as my grandmother use to say, “getting old ain’t for punks.” More men should care about their health. Growing up as a kid in south central LA, taking care of yourself was all that you had. No one was there to tell you what to do. You had to fend for yourself at times.

Health Is Important Especially For Men

As an adult, I have been through a lot of treatments, hospital visits and at home care from family and friends. I wasn’t as knowledgeable on colonics until my wife Angel spoke to me about my health. She said, “you need to clean it out” referring to my stomach. I had a lot going on with my stomach for different reasons and I needed to get it checked out. I am someone who doesn’t like the doctors office but I had to do something. During my time as a basketball coach, we had an event where Healing Waters, which is a business for overall health including colonics, had a booth. I met Vinisha Kelley who is a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Kelley has been a part of Healing Waters family for the past 18 years. Vinisha Kelly spoke to me in a one-on-one interview stating that Healing Waters has been in the Vegas valley for the past 25 years which was founded by Ms. Laura Rose Clayton.

Healing Waters And Colonics

If you’re feeling low on energy or not eating your daily dose of minerals… A colonic may be for you. According to, Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as “Colonic, Colon Irrigation or High Enema, is a method of removing waste from the lower part of the large intestine without the use of drugs.” This type of treatment helps clear you out over a period of time. That old steak you have eaten, say goodbye. Here’s how it works:

The day before treatment they want you to drink lots of warm water. Healing Waters wants you to avoid dairy, sodas and fatty foods. They would prefer a vegetable and fruit diet. I usually love to drink coffee in the morning but I had to sacrifice for my overall health.

The day of treatment they care of you by walking you through the steps by prepping the targeted area. You can find out further details on how Colonics work on their website here.

They supply you with the proper nutrients after care. I had to drink a lot of water and to chew my food slowly. I’m glad I got this checked because it helps resolve inflammations, headaches, alleviating aliments built up in the body and help prevent degenerate diseases.

DJ Thumps Recommendation

For someone who doesn’t like doctors this is a step to avoid that. I strongly suggest that men get a colonic and have your colon checked starting at the age of 30 or check with your health care practitioner. Colon cancer can start at an early age so getting your health checked while your young is vital. Colon Hygiene Institute.

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