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As you may know by now, my wife and I go “exploring” every weekend to find places to go and things to do. They’re all-day trips that anyone can make on a tank (or a little bit more) of gas.

This past weekend we decided to go check out Nelson, Nevada. There’s a ghost town there and it’s about 5 miles from the Colorado River, so we jumped in the car Saturday morning and headed out.

Nelson, Nevada is just about a 45-minute drive southeast from where we live (on the fringe of Summerlin) and is pretty much a straight shot via 95 South to 515 South to 165 East. The Spaniards who once mined there called the city El Dorado (The Golden) because of the gold found there. Silver was also mined there.

When you get to Nelson, there’s really not much there. If you make the mistake (that we made) you’ll drive into a small town where every driveway has a sign that says, “POSTED – NO TRESPASSING”. I’m sure because for years people have driven in there and asked, “Is this Nelson? Where is the ghost town?” I’m sure that got old quickly for the residents, and they chose not to deal with it. Well, we pulled out of Nelson and drove about another 5 minutes further to find the ghost town.

Some people may not think much of it. But, if you like history, cool vintage items, and want to learn more about the area in which we live, it may be a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon. However, (jokingly) as the signposted says, “Don’t Be Here After Dark.”

Several movies have been filmed in Nelson. One of them was “3000 Miles to Graceland” starring Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell.

There are cars, trucks, busses, signs, and much more from years gone by. The town of Nelson at one time was a mining town that provided multiple (four) millions of dollars to the people of the area.

They even give guided tours where you can go into the (reinforced) mine shaft and see and feel what it might have been like back in the day.

The old General Store in the center of town is a quaint little building with (as many of us in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas are exposed to) many little alien artifacts. They even have a funny room in the back of the store called “The Alien Room,” which catches a lot of people by surprise when they come around the corner and see the contents.

There are a few experts on the area there to answer any questions you may have about the area, it’s inhabitants, and what happed there.

After our little mini-tour of Nelson, we took the five-mile drive to the Colorado River, where I decided it’d be fun to skim a rock across the river. Just a silly “kid thing” I did, ‘cause I’m a kid at heart.

Check out the photos and you’ll see if you’d like to shoot something a little eclectic, or nostalgic in the way of a photoshoot or just like to have pics of cool, interesting, and unique stuff…the city of Nelson, maybe a place to go!